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The aim of modern cataract surgery is to offer classical cataract patients good visual acuity and to help them achieve and maintain better vision long-term.

The demands on a modern monofocal lens are many:

  • High optical quality
  • A stable fit in the capsular bag
  • Good optical quality
  • Long-term optical clarity (glistening-free)
  • Easy handling by the surgeon before and during the procedure


True glistening-free properties

The ACUNEX® intraocular lens is made from a new hybrid material with a high refractive index of 1.54 for flexible handling and a superbly high surface quality.

With a water ratio of around 4%, this hydrophobic material stands out from many of the dry-stored hydrophobic IOLs. It is the first hydrophobic IOL to have been certified by the USA‘s FDA (Federal Drug Administration) as a glistening-free intraocular lens.


Natural blue light filter

The ACUNEX®‘s blue light filter is designed to mimic the filtering properties of the natural lens and in particular filters out the violet component of light to produce the best possible contrast and colour perception.

Excellent optical properties thanks to aberration correction

The aspheric optical profile of the ACUNEX® IOL corrects the spherical corneal aberration and, as a result, offers improved contrast vision for the patient.

Optimised IOL handling during surgery

The innovative production method used results in a thin optical geometry of all ACUNEX® lenses, allowing an easy IOL-handling. The ACUNEX® also has an unusually sharp 360° edge for improved PCO prophylaxis.

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