A quantum leap for standard monofocal cataract surgery

LENTIS Quantum is an innovative monofocal intraocular lens, that enables significantly better vision in the intermediate area. The lens shows no reported undesirable side effects and ensures contrast vision comparable with a conventional monofocal IOL.

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Q-Zone technology

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Q-Zone Technology

  • New, progressive surface profile
  • Smooth, stepless transition without any undesirable visual side effects
  • Vital for better eyesight with more depth of vision

Clinical results | Prof. Jorge Alio (MD)

„EDOF is not just EDOF. It is important to look carefully and differentiate“
Source: Ophthalmology Times Europe, Oct.2020

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Clinical results | Dr. Harvey Uy (MD)

Results oft the light study.:

  • Distance vision UDVA 20/20
  • Intermediate vision UIVA 20/25 (80 cm)
  • Contrast vision comparable to monofocal IOL
  • High patient satisfaction
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Advantages of the LENTIS Quantum for more vision:

  • High patient satisfaction - more vision in the intermediate area
  • Contrast vision comparable with a monofocal IOL
  • No reported undesirable side effects
  • Stable refraction results - insensitive to decentring and tilt

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