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Teleon Surgical supports the local integration project "skatemobil" of the Spreewölfe Berlin e.V. with an annual sponsorship. The skatemobil is a joint project with the State Sports Association, the Inline and Rollsport Association Berlin and the “Spreewolves”.

It is mainly active in the Berlin districts Moabit-Wedding to give children from the neighborhood the opportunity to participate in the association's activities without any costs. However, the association reaches neighboring children and parents from all over Berlin. The skatemobil also visits the BENN locations, which make it easier for refugees and adults to integrate.


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In addition, the association cooperates with neighborhood management and other social institutions. However, the association relies on donations to keep up the charitable work.

Integration of children and adolescents with a migration background

Demographic development goes hand in hand with a steadily growing proportion of children and young people with a migration background in the total population. Their integration is a fundamental challenge and future task for our society.

Child and youth work in sport is particularly suitable for integrating young people with a migration background, as sport is highly attractive as a medium for children and young people of all cultures and classes. Social places in which similarities and diversity are experienced and experienced positively are of particular importance, e.g. Parks and soccer fields as well as sports fields.

When roller-skating and skating together, integration is lived without prejudice, without labels such as “poor and rich”, “foreigner” or “refugee”. Here, children and adolescents can be just that: children and adolescents with a common interest, sport.

Sport offers in particular low-threshold access for children and adolescents from socially weaker or less educated classes. It has a great potential for realizing more equal opportunities and thus contribute to strengthening overall social integration.

What is the skatemobile?

The skatemobil consists of a vehicle with trailer filled with rental material and transforms public spaces and concrete areas into a meeting place for children and adults from the neighborhood.

With the skatemobil, we make it easier for children to access a sporting leisure activity and promote participation in social life on and off the skate parcour.
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We support the long-standing campaign of The German Medical Technology Association (in short: BVMed). It informs patients and also doctors about the possibilities of modern intraocular lens surgery for cataract and other refractive vision disorders.

In addition to comprehensive patient education on all aspects concerning cataracts, the focus of the Initiative Grauer Star (Cataract Initiative) is on refractive and individual treatment options using premium IOL.

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‘See quality as a personal matter’

With this slogan, the campaign aims to increase awareness of premium IOLs among patients, ophthalmic surgeons and referring ophthalmologists and to demonstrate the many advantages for all parties concerned.

The Initiative Grauer Star (Cataract Initiative) also covers widely neglected topics, such as optimised cooperation management between surgical eye centres and conservative ophthalmologists, and provides high-quality support and advice for everyday practice. Various campaign modules, such as a patient information set consisting of brochures and posters, provide ophthalmologists with important tools to educate patients optimally.

The Initiative Grauer Star is a joint project of the manufacturers of innovative intraocular lenses that are grouped in the Eye Surgery Department within the BVMed e.V.

Within the Initiative’s framework, valuable seminars provide in-depth information for the following areas: Referral marketing and interface management

  • Patient-orientated communication when offering premium IOL
  • Strategic planning for offering premium IOL
  • Management seminar
  • Personnel management and employee motivation
  • Business administration and controlling in an ophthalmic office
  • Medical and technical aspects of offering premium IOL

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Since 2017, we have been inviting guests to our ice cream bar at our DOC stand and at the same time raising funds for the BEBSK e.V. (Bundesvereinigung Eltern blinder und sehbehinderter Kinder e.V. - a federal association of blind and visually impaired children).

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Helping others help themselves

The BEBSK e.V. is an association of parents who have made it their task to share their experiences with other affected people and to support them in any situation in life.

Since 1995, families have been volunteering throughout the Federal Republic to give affected families a bit of hope for a bright future. To this end, they organise, among other things, cross-regional sports and music weekends, family excursions to high ropes courses in forests or farm visits.

Because BEBSK is financed exclusively through donations and grants, we want to use the DOC’s forum to draw attention to the small association that is 100%-run by volunteers!

100% of the proceeds from the donation boxes go to BEBSK e.V.

By now, the BEBSK e.V. has grown to more than 610 members. The fact that the association continues to grow shows us that we are on the right track and that this voluntary commitment deserves the greatest amount of respect and is needed in society, in particular.


Forum, contact and further information

In the BEBSK online forum, members and guests can discuss all topics that concern blind and visually impaired children, aids/ tools etc. You can register here:

Email (main office):

Further information about BEBSK is available at