ViaLuxe™: Redefine How You Treat Glaucoma

The ViaLux Laser System is designed to reduce IOP using femtosecond laser precision and micron-accurate gonio imaging to non-invasively create customized drainage channels through the trabecular meshwork.

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Introducing the ViaLux Laser System:
Glaucoma Treatment Redefined

1) ViaLens™ Patient Interface
Non-invasively provides unmatched view and delivery of the
femtosecond laser into the trabecular meshwork

2) ViaVue™ Gonio Camera
Gonio imaging enables view of complete structures of the angle in all four quadrants

3) ViaLuxe™ Laser
Precisely creates a channel without collateral damage to adjacent tissues

4) ViaLink™
Bluetooth connected tablet that displays real-time procedure data and diagnostics

ViaLuxe Laser System

See the Femtosecond Laser image-guided High-precision
Trabeculotomy (FLigHT) in Action

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