Teleon Viscoelastics:
Highly-purified solutions for eye surgery

In the field of CONSUMABLES TELEON offers - among other products - highly-purified viscoelastic solutions for the individual needs and preferences of the surgeon.

Our portfolio includes viscoelastics for cataract surgery made from methylcellulose, from biofermentative hyaluronic acids and from hyaluronic acids extracted from rooster combs.

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Use of viscoelastic solutions in intraocular surgery:

  • for surgery in the anterior and posterior eye segment
  • for intracapsular and extracapsular cataract extraction with or without IOL implanation
  • for intraocular tissue protection
  • for volume substitution
  • to maintain corneal transparency and improve visibility during surgical procedures

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Sodium saline solution

Genetically produced by fermentation of bacteria hyaluronic acid as 1,2% or 1,8% sodium saline solution in sterile 1,2 ml disposable syringes.

myVISC Bio 1,2%
myVISC BioPlus 1,8%

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Hydroxylpropyl methylcellulose solution

Chemically produced hydroxylpropyl methylcellulose as 2% solution in sterile 2 ml disposable syringes.

myVISC Visco 4500

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