Premium IOL Treatment with highest Precision

Perfect match:
Automated capsulotomy/FLACS + FEMTIS IOL Family

Abb. Optimum in IOL Care

Perfect visual performance

  • Proven premium optics
  • 4 additional clip haptics for exceptionally stable positioning and fixation in the capsular bag
  • Unique combination: FEMTIS intraocular lenses and automated capsulotomy by means of femtolaser cataract surgery/FLACS
  • Optimal centering & visual acuity results
Sharp optical edge
Optimal IOL stability
Pefrct match

Loading of the VISCOJECT BIO injector with FEMTIS: video instructions and PDF

FEMTIS Premium IOL: Unique Perfection

Perfect positioning of the IOL on the optical axis

  • Highest rotational stability
  • No tilting
  • No decentration
Abb. Perfekte Positionierung

No dysphotopsias

Abb. Dysphotopsie links EN
Abb. Dysphotopsie rechts EN

FEMTIS Comfort: EDOF IOL with varifocal effect

FEMTIS Comfort Lichtfokussierung EN


  • Large distance optic zone
  • Transition free central optics
  • EDoF segment for continuous light distribution through the entire intermediate area (varifocal effect)

Superior visual comfort than with standard monofocal care

Abb. Superiour Visual Comfort

FEMTIS Comfort Toric: Perfect correction of astigmatism

  • Easy axis alignment of the IOL
  • Rotation* still possible in both directions after enclavating the clip haptics

* Source: Clinical evaluation of the rotational stability, Prof. B. Dick, University Hospital Bochum

Abb. Astigmatismuskorrektur

Advantages of the FEMTIS Comfort | FEMTIS Comfort Toric:

  • EDoF IOL: Intraocular lens for an optimised vision in the daily routine work of the patient
  • Excellent visual performance for far and intermediate distances
  • Natural image and colour perception
  • Improved contrast and depth of focus for optimal vision in low light conditions
  • Aberration neutral

FEMTIS Mplus: Premium IOL with varifocal effect

Störer NEW pink

Unique asymmetrical-refractive optical design

Continuous Transmission Technology EN

Continuous Transmission Technology

  • Large distance optic zone
  • Smooth transition from distance to near
  • Maximum light transmission for excellent vision and contrast

Proven optical system for all distances

  • Balanced vision profile for all distances (near – intermediate – distance)
  • The universal multifocal lens (MIOL) for an active lifestyle
  • Successful for almost 14 years as a proven optical system
Visual Mplus MF30

FEMTIS Mplus Toric: Perfect refractive results in the correction of presbyopia and astigmatism

Störer NEW pink
Vision without reading glasses


For many patients, the age-related deterioration of near and intermediate vision goes hand in hand with a loss of their freedom and independence.

Multifocal intraocular lenses are an excellent alternative to reading and varifocal spectacles and offer a permanent solution to this problem.

Vision astigmatism


Impaired vision at all distances, due to irregular curvature of the cornea.

Toric lenses correct the astigmatism-related visual defects.

Advantages of the FEMTIS Mplus | FEMTIS Mplus Toric:

  • Large distance optic zone
  • Smooth transition from distance to near
  • Refractive optical design for continuous vision in all distances (varifocal effect)
  • Maximum light transmission for excellent vision and contrast

Advantages of femto-cataract surgery using modern laser systems (Auto-CCC/FLACS)

  • Perfectly round cut
  • Highest precision
  • Low ACO / PCO risk
  • Very little risk of capsule rupture
  • Very good reproducibility
  • No mechanical manipulation
  • Perfect centering on the optical axis


  • Unique haptic system for perfect IOL positioning
  • Highest patient satisfaction thanks to the most reliable refractive predictability for highest patient satisfaction
  • Best quality of vision thanks to the perfect combination of FEMTIS IOL and automated capsulotomy technologies

For further information, results of clinical studies and technical data please download our brochure.