Experience ZEPTO® assisted
cataract surgery

ZEPTO allows you to create precise, visually centered, and stronger capsulotomies in milliseconds.

ZEPTO is a novel capsulotomy device with a disposable handpiece and tip that produces a quick, elegant, round capsulotomy in milliseconds.

The tip consists of a miniature, transparent, soft silicone suction cup that houses a circular nitinol capsulotomy element, which has been refined at the micron scale to enable uniform 360-degree capsule cutting.


How does it work?

Step 1: The surgeon engages the black finger slider forward until an audible click is heard. This motion extends the capsulotomy tip into an elongated shape, enabling the surgeon to enter the anterior chamber through the corneal incision.

Step 2: The surgeon retracts the pushrod, which allows the capsulotomy tip to naturally return to a circular shape within the anterior chamber. The surgeon then centers the suction cup on the visual axis of the patient.4,5,6

Step 3: At the surgeon‘s command, as the desired centration point is achieved, a small amount of suction is applied. At this time, the surgeon retracts the black finger slider to the back position. This allows the nitinol capsulotomy ring to appose on the anterior lens capsule.

Step 4: At the surgeon‘s command, energy is delivered, allowing the creation of a uniform 360-degree capsulotomy in milliseconds. At the surgeon‘s next command, a final gentle delivery of BSS separates the ZEPTO tip from the anterior capsule, and it is withdrawn through the corneal incision.

Zepto Close-Up frei

1 – SOFT, CLEAR SUCTION CUP apposes the capsulotomy ring to the anterior capsular surface and allows centration on the patient‘s visual axis.
2 – NITINOL CAPSULOTOMY RING collapses in order to enter and exit through the clear corneal incision.
3 – VISUAL AXIS CENTRATION allowed through the soft, clear suction cup.

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Quick and easy
Nitinol is a superelastic alloy, meaning the tip can be deformed in order to enter gently through a clear corneal incision, after which it assumes its original round shape within the anterior chamber. Complete, round capsulotomies are accomplished in a few milliseconds.

Safe and effective

  • FDA cleared in July 2017
  • CE Mark approved in November, 2015
  • Over 12,000 eyes treated worldwide
  • Peer-review articles published¹
  • Ideal for difficult cases¹ (weak zonules or dense cataracts)
  • Increase the number of cases per day while minimizing use of
    trypan blue and rings
  • Very little stress on zonules especially in PEX cases¹

Unique features
ZEPTO capsulotomies have a capsular edge tear strength 2 to 4 times greater than that of continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis and femtosecond laser capsulotomies.²

ZEPTO allows intraoperative capsulotomy centration on the patient‘s visual axis for an optimized outcome.

ZEPTO Elemente

ZEPTO | The benefits at a glance:


  • Instantaneous capsulotomy with potential to increase OR efficiency
  • Precision centration on the visual axis
  • Automated capsulotomy technology = ease of use = faster cases
  • Works with small pupils³
  • Not affected by corneal scars or irregularities
  • Easy practice adoption
  • Seamless integration into surgical sequence³

REFERENCES: 1. Chang DF, et al. Precision pulse capsulotomy – preclinical safety and performance of a new capsulotomy technology. Ophthalmology. In press. 2. Thompson V, et al. Comparison of manual, femtosecond laser, and precision pulse capsulotomy edge tear strength in paired human cadaver eyes. Ophthalmology. In press. 3. Waltz, Thompson Quesada JCRS  4. Thompson V. et al. Use of P1-P4 Purkinje reflections as a surrogate sign for intraoperative patient fixation 5. Ifantides C. et al. Precision pulse capsulotomy: performance metrics and utility in routine and complex cases 6. Gundersen K., Potvin R. Clinical results after precision pulse capsulotomy.
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