ACUNEX® Vario:
Brilliant vision thanks to unique optics

Exclusive fusion of the well-known Comfort EDOF optics and the hybrid-hydrophobic lens material of the ACUNEX monofocal IOL

Continious Transmission Technology
Extended visual comfort for brilliant distance vision with a true intermediate range (true „varifocal“ EDOF-Power)

Advanced segmented optics
Proven concept for success with 800.000 effective implantations

ACUNEX Vario Linse NEU | 31.8.2020


  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • More independence from glasses for more quality of life
  • Excellent contrast vision
  • FDA certified bio-material
  • Now also available as toric version for the treatment of astigmatism: ACUNEX Vario Toric
Teaser ACUNEX Vario Toric EN
Significantly more vision
Lowest photic side effects


  • EDOF IOL: Extended depth of focus for an optimised vision
  • Excellent visual acuity results for the intermediate and
    distance ranges due to 1.5D addition
  • Computer or varifocal lenses mostly no longer necessary
  • Improved contrast and depth of focus for optimal vision
    in low light conditions
  • NoGlis technology to avoid disturbing stray light
  • UV filter with natural image and colour perception

ACUNEX Vario Visual Thinking Man

The right choice of intraocular lens for all of
your routine cataract patients

The ACUNEX Vario IOL serves the standard intraocular lens patient better than existing monofocal lenses due to its superior EDOF-Design!

4 reasons for choosing these lenses:

1. Optimal cataract treatment plus depth of focus in the intermediate distance (EDOF concept):
Everyday activities such as computer work, driving, using a mobile or reading price tags are mostly possible without glasses. The “post-surgery feel-good and satisfaction factor” increases significantly among patients.

2. Same pre- and post-op care as for your routine cataract patients:
The level of pre- and postoperative diagnostics necessary are very comparable to using conventional standard lenses.

3. Less chair time pre- and post-op:
There is no need for “premium patient counseling” because there are virtually no photic effects compared to conventional multifocal lenses.

4. Exponential multiplier effect:
The high patient satisfaction rate of your cataract patients after surgery ensures a high degree of word-of-mouth recommendation and thus “free of charge” advertisement for your clinic/practice.

ACUNEX Vario | The advantages at a glance

  • Greatest possible patient recruitment pool
  • Significantly reduced chair time
  • Reputational boost using this next-gen IOL
  • Happy and satisfied patients
  • Easy and safe IOL handling

NEW! Toric Version available:
ACUNEX Vario Toric

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