Already FDA cleared, soon CE approved!
ALLY® Adaptive Cataract Treatment System

The ALLY Adaptive Cataract Treatment System is the first platform to combine world class imaging and next generation dual-pulse femtosecond laser in a single system.

ALLY will change the future of cataract surgery.

Designed to change the paradigm in cataract surgery
This compact system will fit in any OR or in-office surgery suite providing:

  • Ability to perform a complete sterile FLACS procedure
  • A superior surgical workflow for a better surgeon and patient experience
  • Significantly reduced cataract surgery times

Increased efficiencies
ALLY was engineered to fit in any OR or in-office surgery suite with a small footprint and no compromise on technology.

Further, the seamless transition from femto to phaco performed in a sterile environment will enable the phaco to be pre-primed and the patient to be prepped prior to the procedure.

ALLY FDA cleared

Adaptive procedure
ALLY was designed to leverage best-in-class imaging to optimize all aspects of cataract surgery for a truly adaptive procedure.

  • Precise corneal incisions
  • Automated capsulorhexis centration
  • Tissue-specific femtosecond laser treatment
  • Astigmatic management
  • Phacoemulsification
Ally Positionierung Patient
Ally Arzt bei OP

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