LENTIS® Tplus & Tplus X: Toric intraocular lenses

Tailor-made treatment of cataract and astigmatism

Vision with astigmatism


Deterioration in vision at all distances if the cornea of the eye is not perfectly rounded.

LENTIS Tplus IOL to prevent loss of vision
A treatment with LENTIS Tplus intraocular lenses is highly recommended for astigmatism from zyl. 0,5 D in order to prevent vision loss.

Easy to use and highly effective in terms of visual acuity results
LENTIS Tplus correction cylinders 0.75 D - 5.25 D correct 99% of all regular corneal astigmatisms.

Abb. Vision loss EN

Online configuration for Teleon toric intraocular lenses:


Clinical results LENTIS Tplus

Prof. Heinrich Gerding, MD
Intraoperative positioning of toric intraocular lenses

  • Ease to use and precise intraoperative alignment
  • Residual astigmatism: 93% cylinder ≤ 0.5 D and 100% cylinder ≤ 0.75 D with the LENTIS Tplus

Arnaud Debois, MD
Precision and quality of vision with the LENTIS Tplus

  • Safe and effective corneal astigmatism correction
  • Stable positioning in the capsular bag, less than 5° rotation after 6 months
Abb. Tplus Linsen 2er

Individual production for optimal results

Abb. Individual production EN

Perfect alignment

  • Each IOL is individually calculated and manufactured
  • No residual astigmatism
  • Simple and quick implantation and alignment
  • This is unique in the monofocal IOL market
  • Optional: violet light filter for effective retinal protection
Linsenabb. Tplus X

Individually manufactured cylinders in 0.01 D steps

Abb. Incision position EN

Clinical results LENTIS Tplus X

Nuria Garzón,MD
Rotational stability and postoperative visual acuity with LENTIS Tplus X

  • Very good postoperative visual acuity of at least 0.1 logMAR
  • High rotational stability (<5 °)

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