Sophi: a phaco system that’s setting new standards! Made in Switzerland.

The Sophi phaco system is an exceptionally reliable partner in the operating room as well as perfectly rounding off the Teleon Surgical portfolio in Germany.

The idea behind Sophi:
mobility, ergonomics, safety.

The foundations of the development were the need for a perfect phaco system from the perspective of the surgeon, operating team and all other parties involved. The result is a high-end device that’s setting new standards.

Sophi isn’t just an expansion on existing phacoemulsification technology, but a complete innovation. Sophi was developed with the aim of making the work of ophthalmologists and the whole operating team easier, safer and more efficient.

Quality made in Switzerland.


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3 key features of the new phaco system:

1. Mobility
Sophi is the first wireless phaco system and offers the operating team a high level of flexibility and mobility. That means easy handling in the operating room and increased user-friendliness.

2. Simplicity
Sophi’s design is precisely and efficiently tailored to the needs of surgeons. Intuitive handling and use was the inspiration behind the system’s development. The easy-to-understand user interface helps save time and increase productivity.

3. Safety
Sophie opens up new possibilities in terms of hygiene and safety. The Clean Venturi and the automated cassette slot-in system significantly reduce the risk of contamination. The IOP control pump is optimised for the highest level of chamber stability.


Sophi is the first wireless phaco system, offering the operating team a high level of flexibility and mobility. This means ease of use in the operating theatre, and an improved user experience.

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Easy Move: The first battery-powered phaco system
With Sophi, not only does the foot pedal work without cables, the entire device does too. It doesn’t require a power or data cable. Sophi is mobile, and it is precisely this mobility that makes your work easier and increases your efficiency.

No hoses: integrated compressor
The compressors for the vitrectomy and the Clean Venturi suction are also integrated into the device. This makes the usual voluminous and inflexible hoses to external compressors superfluous.

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Freedom through mobility
Sophi is astoundingly adaptable. The 180° rotatable display and free choice of parking position make it easier to set up the operating theatre.

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Moving the device is equally easy: Release the brake lever, move Sophi to the desired position, apply the brake - done.

Easy connectivity: Ready for the future
A wireless connection of the foot pedal via Bluetooth is standard today. But Sophi can do much more! Sophi allows to transmit live microscope images to a screen via Wi-Fi – for instance to view images in a larger size.

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Slim design

Sophi impresses with its streamlined, reduced design. But it still includes everything needed for safe, ergonomic use. Clear lines, high-quality materials and plenty of innovative solutions make Sophi a system that’s setting new standards.


Sophi’s design is easy and simple. The complexity is in its interior, facilitating a simpler user experience. This contributes to saving time and increasing productivity. Sophi can be intuitively parametrised, supporting you with intelligent sensors and automatically adapting parameters in critical situations.

Sensor information

Sophi communicates with you not just through the display but also verbally using the Text2Speech feature and visually with colour-changing LED projections. Each member of the operating team receives precisely the information they need to carry out their tasks in an efficient, targeted manner.

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Operating comfort

Sophi is simple, easy to understand and fast to use. The systems boots up very quickly and the multi-surgeon settings mean you can configure your own preferences and needs.

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Sophie opens up new possibilities in terms of hygiene and safety. The Clean Venturi Pump and the automated cassette slot-in system reduce the risk of contamination. The IOP control pump is designed for the highest level of chamber stability.

Triple Pump Fluidics
The heart of every phaco device is the pump system for stable chamber fluidics, or more precisely the pump systems, with Sophi, because Sophi combines three in one:

  1. IOP control pump for stable infusion pressure
  2. Peristaltic pump to control flow and vacuum
  3. Clean Venturi pump that protects against contamination from the patient’s eye fluid

Efficient sinus phaco
The less energy a phaco handpiece requires, the less heat is introduced into the eye. That is why Sophi controls the handpiece with a sinusoidal signal, which significantly reduces the energy requirement and thus protects the eye.

Slim cartridge system
Every detail from Sophi is all about safety - without compromise. Sophi offers an automatic cartridge slot-in system that reduces the risk of contact between sterile and non-sterile areas during the loading process.

The advantages of the 3-pillar concept from Sophi enable simpler, safer and faster workflows - before, during and after the operation. This leads to a significant increase in efficiency and thus to economic advantages.

Sophi Kassettensystem

Phacoemulsification with Sophi:
The advantages at a glance

  • Wireless and completely mobile with integrated battery and compressor
  • Designed for the highest level of front chamber stability thanks to the newly developed ‘triple pump fluidics’ technology with active infusion
  • Wireless image transfer from the microscope to Sophi’s screen
  • Intuitive use concept

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