xact™ Mono-EDoF™ IOL:
Continuous focus for high quality
vision from distance to intermediate

The xact Mono-EDoF is CE-approved as a monofocal IOL. It offers continuous focus with high quality vision from distance to intermediate ranges.

Foto xact Mono-EDoF IOL schwarz-gold

Extended depth of focus with one elongated peak

Distinctive optical design: Specifically designed to provide excellent image quality for an extended depth of vision

Abb. Continuous range of focus

Ray-propagation visualisation1
Light-pathways visualisation and the light intensity profile (solid line)

Abb. Focal point va. elongated focis area

The xact™ Mono-EDoF™ IOLs create an extended field of focus (seen in green laser light propagation and light intensity profiles) unlike monofocal IOLs that have one focus that corresponds to the nominal lens power1.

Clinical confidence

The xact™ Mono-EDoF™ IOL has demonstrated outstanding visual acuity combined with high image contrast, bringing your patients’ lives back into focus.

Tabelle klinische Ergebnisse EN

Outstanding visual acuity
Clinical results show outstanding post-operative visual acuity – both for distance and intermediate vision3.

Based on 15 bilateral subjects (30 eyes) at 3 month follow-up in a clinical study by The University of Heidelberg.

Minimal halo and glare

The xact™ Mono-EDoF™ IOL is associated with less frequent, and lower intensity halo and glare than a typical multifocal IOL3.

Halo multifocal IOL vs. xact Mono-EDoF

xact™ Mono-EDoF™ IOLs AT A GLANCE:


  • CE Mark approved as a monofocal IOL
  • Offers continuous focus with high quality vision from distance to intermediate1–4
  • Minimal level of halo and glare, equivalent to monofocal IOLs3
  • Unique glistening-free hydrophobic material
  • Outstanding visual acuity
  • High tolerance for refractive error

References: 1. Data on File, David J Apple Laboratory. Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 2019. 2. Data on File, Combined Clinical Data Analysis of CP7801 and CP7882 [ESR 7959]. 2019. 3. Data on File, The University of Heidelberg [AVS CP7882]. 2019. 4. Data on File, Augenklinik Rheine [AVS CP7801]. 2019.

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