ACUNEX® VarioMax:
Brilliant vision without

Convincing advantages of the varifocal ACUNEX VarioMax IOL:

  • Natural vision over all distances thanks to the unique optical design
  • Minimized photic phenomena and excellent contrast vision day and night
  • High spectacle independence for excellent vision in all everyday situations
  • Premium care with > 94% light transmission: best in class of all multifocal IOLs
  • Maximum patient satisfaction
  • Positive word of mouth and thus free advertising for your practice/clinic
Abbildung Variomax Linse


Happy patient:

  • Optimal visual performance across all distances
  • Virtually no spectacles needed

Happy surgeon:

  • Maximum care for your patients
  • Reputational boost

Happy clinic:

  • State-of-the-art presbyopia correction and grateful patients

Teaser ACUNEX VarioMax Toric neu EN
Abb. Significant better vision
Abb. Significant better vision

Light focusing for a sharp vision from near to far distances

The right choice of presbyopia correcting lens for your premium patients

The varifocal intraocular lens ACUNEX VarioMax provides your premium patients with a balanced visual performance from near to far distances due to its unique segmental optic design!

4 reasons for choosing these lenses:

1. Excellent optical IOL properties for a premium care of your presbyopia patients:
Thanks to the best in class light transmission, the patient expectations for high-quality and sharp contrast vision across all distances and light conditions are optimally full-filled.

2. NoGlis-IOL-technology:
The new hybrid-hydrophobic material ensures a glistening-free clear optic without disturbing stray-light effects. The ACUNEX VarioMax features a water content of approx. 4% which prevents microvacuoles from forming, thus guaranteeing a stable state for the IOL material structure and therefo-re providing a continuously high IOL quality.

3. Optimised IOL handling during surgery:
The innovative IOL-design associated with the modern hybrid material results in a thin optical geometry of all ACUNEX lenses, allowing an easy, safe and controlled unfolding and IOL handling during the surgery.

4. Exponential multiplier effect:
The high patient satisfaction of your presbyopic patients after surgery en-sures a high degree of word-of-mouth recommendation and thus „free of charge“ advertisement for your clinic/practice.

ACUNEX VarioMax | The advantages at a glance

  • Excellent visual acuity results for near, intermediate and
  • Best in class light transmission: > 94%
  • Improved contrast and depth of focus for optimal vision in low light conditions
  • NoGlis-technology to avoid disturbing stray light
  • UV filter with natural image and colour perception
  • Minimised photic phenomena

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